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Sera and Bio Material

Sera and Bio Material

Animal and Human Material


Serum: All serum, unless requested otherwise, is collected ‘off clot’ without additives or preservatives.

Complement Preserved Serum: Complement preserved serum and lyophilised complement products are also available.

Plasma and Whole Blood: This material is prepared with the anticoagulant of choice. Standard anticoagulants are:

  • ACD
● Sodium Citrate ● Sodium Heparin
  • Sodium EDTA
● Lithium Heparin
● Potassium EDTA (K2 or K3)
● Potassium Oxalate/Sodium Fluoride

PBMCs: PBMC extractions are available from a wide variety of animal species, prepared to individual protocols. These can be supplied fresh, as Buffy Coats or as frozen cell separations.

Processes and Presentations:

  • Medium and Heavy Charcoal stripping
● Ultra filtration to specified molecular weight cut offs ● Custom aliquoting

Material Specification Options:

  • Individual donor ● Pooled donors ● Single gender
● Pooled gender ● Specific strains


  • Non filtered material
● Sterile filtered to 0.2 micron

or 0.45 micron
● Fibrinogen free
● Ultra centrifugation

These are collected to customer specification and may be supplied frozen or fresh.

Microsomes and S9 Fractions

Kirklees Bio stock a large range of pooled microsomes and S9 fractions from liver and other tissues from a variety of animal species and humans. Animal and human liver cytosol is also available. Please contact us for further information.




We supply fully certified fetal calf/bovine serum harvested either in the US or EU.


We have the capability to produce custom antibodies whether you need monoclonal or polyclonal antibodies.

Small rodent and large animal material

Plasma, tissue and blood can be sourced for most commonly used rodents and larger animals including dog and monkey material



Tissue culture media and reagents

Stem cells

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