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DMPK and ADMET studies


We offer a comprehensive range of in vitro assays for ADME profiling whether you are looking for a simple answer or further detailed insight or complete project management solutions we have the capability to deliver express 7 day turn around or our standard 2 week turnaround of data and results for all in vitro assays.


  • Intrinsic clearance studies and metabolism studies.
  • Plasma/brain/tissue binding studies
  • Caco2 21day, MDCK permeability models.
  • CYP inhibition and induction assays.
  • Fresh and cryopreserved hepatocyte models.
  • Metabolite identification investigative studies.
  • In silico modeling and profiling packages.
  • Specialised in vitro skin testing assays.



We can discuss any requirements or special requests for assays and the data reported.



PK, PK-PD, Proof of Concept Studies


  • PK studies, including all small rodent pharmacokinetic studies with our excellent 14day turnaround upon receipt of compounds.


  • PKPD studies offered tailor made studies to suit your compound or project requirements.


  • Proof of concept and efficacy models including xenograft models and pre clinical models.


Biomarker Discovery and validation.


At KB we deliver an exceptional specialist biomarker discovery and validation platform using high tech and state of the art mass spectrometers. We have been working in several therapeutic areas and have utilized the accuracy and sensitivity of quantitative and qualitative instruments to achieve consistent and reliable data for clinical and pre-clinical biomarkers.




Sample Preparation and Bioanalysis


KB offers basic and complex sample preparation and bioanalysis services, which we deliver to you in a fast and efficient manner. We do sample preparation and analyte detection and can turn around your data in as little as 48hrs we can even collect your samples from you. AT KB we utilize a range of class leading triple quadrupole instruments to quantitate drug levels from a range of matrices.


Our prices start from as little as £10 a sample.



Formulation Development


Formulation is a key part of the development of a molecule from being a compound to becoming a drug candidate; we help formulate your compounds for all drug discovery and drug development studies.


We also offer formulation studies in the cosmetic, detergent and other industries. We can either help you talk to an expert about your idea or we can propose and conduct the formulation studies required to help you move your product forward.



Consumable and stock management solutions


We understand sometimes you don’t have the space to store large quantities of reagents and consumables so we miss out on bulk buy savings. So this is why here at KB we have tailor made dry and refrigerated storage solutions so that you know you won’t run out of the essentials and potentially save thousands in the process. We have developed great relationships with manufacturers which allows us to negotiate huge savings on bulk orders which we can pass on to you directly. The best part we will deliver anything you need from your stored material within 24hrs.


Buying and storing 6 months to a years worth of consumables isn’t always easy but if we take care of the storage for you then this allows for far greater savings then buying a few here and there, you could either help cut your budget or leave room for a bit of flexibility as we all know you need that in research.





Consultancy and Resourcing Centre


KB Recruitment Services


KB has an excellent understanding of human resourcing and has excellent networks throughout the industry and academia, so here we aim to make things far more transparent and simplified by delivering a service that is effective and reasonably priced. We look at best fit profiles for your needs to help you make it easier whilst looking through candidate profiles. We will headhunt for you and on successful placement we will ask for a one off fee and that’s it no commission no complex terms just a straight forward resourcing service delivered with precision and speed.


Our fees start from £700 per successful placement, to find out more please feel free to get in contact with one of our team.


KB Consultants


Our panel of experts include academics and pioneers in biotech who specialize in the sectors below,


  • Analytical and medicinal chemistry
  • Formulation development
  • Drug discovery
  • Drug development
  • Toxicology
  • Clinicians
  • Commercialisation


The prices start from £450 per day.


To find out more please click here.


Global Lab Solutions


There are a number of growing markets internationally in the medical research and biotechnology sectors. We understand these markets need support to deliver to a standard that is recognized internationally. We want to offer a gateway to this support whether you want a research laboratory set up in Timbuktu or the Sahara desert we will make sure you all the best expertise and equipment. We aim to give you access to the Worlds best expertise and technology to help you design, build and fit your lab.


Find out more please talk to one of our team on.