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DMPK and ADMET Services

DMPK and ADMET Services

We offer a comprehensive range of in vitro assays for ADME profiling whether you are looking for a simple answer or further detailed insight or complete project management solutions we have the capability to deliver express 7 day turn around or our standard 2 week turnaround of data and results for all in vitro assays.




  • Intrinsic clearance studies and metabolism studies.
  • Plasma/brain/tissue binding studies
  • Caco2 21day, MDCK permeability models.
  • CYP inhibition and induction assays.
  • Fresh and cryopreserved hepatocyte models.
  • Metabolite identification investigative studies.
  • In silico modeling and profiling packages.
  • Specialised in vitro skin testing assays.



We can discuss any requirements or special requests for assays and the data reported.


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